'A darkly underground mix of hangovers, anguished love, mournful blues and lonesome country’ (Q MAGAZINE)


 ‘Fans of Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark will recognise a kindred spirit in his glowering meditations and steely worldview’ (DAILY MIRROR)


'Trent Miller is a persuasive storyteller who keeps his songs short and purposeful, allowing the music to to draw you in and the words to anchor you. Burnt Offerings promises much and delivers; light the blue touch paper and stand back' (FOLK RADIO UK)


'There are, indeed, several moments of brilliance here just aching for wider recognition, which will surely come this time around. These are superb songs on which the mysterious Miller's fortune will be built' (ROCK N REEL)


'These songs are filled with skilled, intricate riffs, Miller’s deep Lanegan-esque drawl and melancholy melodies. As reflective lyrics flow, accompanied by a dark blues-rock vibe, this perfect fusion of genres proves thoroughly enjoyable, and has left me hungry for more' (GIGSLUTZ.CO.UK)


'Dark and mystical poetic lyrics, passionate delivery, all blended with dreamy yet shadowy melodies make Miller such a unique force in what can be described as twisted and edgy folk' (MUSIC-NEWS.COM)


'The gorgeously forlorn meanderings of 'Burnt Offerings' bring to mind the post-Byrds work of Gene Clark, and the spirit of late Gun Clubber Jeffrey Lee Pierce must also have wafted through the sessions. If, like me, you've been wondering whatever happened to desert rock, here's an able contemporary practitioner' (VIVE LE ROCK)


'Five years on from debut album ‘Cerberus’ and three from sophomore ‘Inferno Valley’, Trent seems to have settled into his role of purveyor of doom-folk and continues to expand his repertoire while keeping things bleak' (SHOUT4MUSIC)


'With this album Trent Miller proves himself to be an outstandingly creative songwriter and musician with the ability to gather musical partners around himself that give his music the finishing touch. His label "Bucketfull of Brains" does a great job to give those incredibly talented people a chance to enrich the musical world with their art' (FATEA)


'Miller has an affinity with Gene Clark and the former Byrd’s spirit casts deep shadows on this album. Miller might be a product of his influences but the whole is better than the parts. It’s an album that will thrill those aware of the antecedents and beguile those who aren’t' (BLABBER 'N' SMOKE)